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Copyright 15 SEPTEMBER 1992

Voice from Beyond the Grave

In the name of Allah the Most Merciful, Compassionate, and His Messenger Hz Mohammed, the Last Prophet of mankind (Peace be Upon Him).

CHILDREN OF ISLAM!  LISTEN very carefully to the voice of wisdom of the Caliph, as appointed by His Exalted Messenger of Allah, as revealed by Divine decrees through the legitimate Osmanli Caliphate, to lead you out of the depths of political deceit and grief.
CHILDREN OF ISLAM!  HEED the advice of your Sheikh-ul-Islam, as appointed by His Exalted Messenger of Allah, to dry your tears of sorrow and to guide you back to the joyous righteous path of Islam as revealed by Hz Mohammed, Messenger of Allah.
ALLAH THE ALL_KNOWING COMMANDS mankind to know Himself.  For how can the Mussulmans be respected if they do not possess self-respect and UNITY.
WITHOUT UNITY, there can be no strength, only weakness and vulnerability to the curses of greed, vanity, misguided ambitions, corruption and arrogant presumptions.
CHILDREN OF ISLAM!  BEWARE! BEWARE!  Do not waste time for you do not possess any longer this luxury.  Unburden yourselves from the heavy baggage of petty jealousies, quarrels, deceit and all evil thoughts, and you will be able to walk taller and faster with the light steps of goodness in your heart.  To reach the destination of Justice and contentment, the Children of Islam must not sell their Soul to the enemy, yet they must strive for Harmony with their foes by setting an example of irreproachable actions within their own House!
MAY YOU LISTEN to a story and draw your own lesson from it.
A group of sheep lived happily in a small pasture heavily fenced against evil.  One day, a pack of wolves came by, attracted by the promise of a good meal.  Cleverly, the wolves knocked loudly on the solidly built gate with the gifts of greed, promising the safe access to unlimited green pastures for a small favor in return.
Indeed, what was the small price of a few lame sheep among them to satisfy the hunger of the wolves, if the rewards were to be the excitement of unlimited pastures with their old foe guaranteeing their safety.  Casting away all cautions, the sheep opened the gate and welcomed joyously the wolves, deaf to the cries of anguish from the chosen sacrificed ones.
The healthy sheep rushed toward the green meadow, savoring their new happiness bought on the misfortune of the few sacrificed lame ones to the appetite of the wolves.  However, in a very short time, the wolves were hungry again, so, casually they strolled toward the trusting sheep and devoured them without so much as a struggle.
CHILDREN OF ISLAM!  MAKE NO MISTAKE!  Deceit and division in the Islamic World will bring DOOM to all without exception.
The agony of the Mussulmans in Bosnia should not come as a surprise!  Alas, promises of dubious value blinded the Children of Islam who raised only a timid eyebrow of disapproval to prior atrocities.
IRAK was manipulated to wage War on IRAN, then became itself the victim of its -protectors.  The Kurds were traitors to their homeland and thus became the victims of their deceit.
At the same time, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait opened the doors widely to the wolves
while others followed for a few doubtful crumbs of favoritism!  My heart aches with pity and sorrow to their fate to come, for their betrayal of the very Soul of the homeland of Islam will surely bring the heavy hand of punishment on their head.
The “NEW  WORLD ORDER” was presented as a gift of happy promises for the future of mankind.  But as soon as the door opened, it transformed itself into a NEW WORLD LABELLED “ETHNIC CLEANSING” of which the Mussulmans of Bosnia fell prey.  However, LET US NOT FORGET that the concept was already in practice toward the Mussulmans in Palestine.
Only evil minds could come up with such a cruel derogatory label which reduces the Children of Islam below the level of animals; to be displaced, robbed, murdered, tortured and enslaved without a shred of guilt from their aggressors who gloat in their success to accomplish atrocities with a minimum of harm to themselves as modern warfare is aimed at defenseless civilian victims to whom modern defense weapons are denied on the grounds that it would be a repulsive crime if they were to acquire such defense weapons.
CHILDREN OF ISLAM!  BEWARE!  The arm of “Ethnic Cleansing” is very long and will grab Mussulmans in the four corners of the world, while the so-called protectors of the Human-Rights look on with contempt upon the victims.
Already, further turmoil is being contemplated toward the vulnerable ex-republics of the Soviet Union, such as UZBEKISTAN and KIRGHIZIA.  Probably, the “International Bible Society” will send package to these republics, beautifully wrapped with Christian ribbons of “God’s Word” hiding within its center the goal of “ETHNIC CLEANSING”.  Presumably, ALBANIA JORDAN SYRIA and others will be next on the list of “purification” or slavery.  As for their beloved lands, they will be shamelessly exploited and the less valuable ones used as dumping grounds for the toxic garbage of the West.
CHILDREN OF ISLAM! DO NOT BE MISLED by these so-called “Good-doers” Christian wolf-like, for they do not speak the Truth of God.  No matter which name we give to God, there is ONE GOD and HIS COMMANDS are very clear:
“ETHNIC CLEANSING” is not the word of God, but of non-believers who use the shield of Christianity to hid the voice of evil.
The division within Islam into squabbling groups of Sunni, Shiite, Sufism and so forth is neither the word of Allah the All-Knowing nor of His Messenger Hz Mohammed (PBUH).  THE MESSAGE OF GOD IS CLEAR.  The heart and Soul of mankind must be free of evil, cruelty, corruption and contempt.
Man is himself responsible for his own actions and cannot hide behind the screen of excuses.
CHILDREN OF ISLAM!  REJOICE!  For Allah the Most Compassionate has not forgotten you in these trying times, for Allah the All-Knowing knew these days would come.  Thus, Allah The Merciful has preserved for His children, both the Caliphate and the Institution of the Sheikh-ul-Islam.  Both the Caliphate and the good service from the office of the Sheikh-ul-Islam were banished from Istanbul when political deceit and greed brought the collapse of the OTTOMAN EMPIRE.  But, by God’s Will, the Caliphate was not exterminated.  It may be God’s Will that the Sacred Relics of His Exhalted Hz Mohammed are waiting in Istanbul for the return of His servants:  the Caliph and the Sheikh-ul-Islam.
Allah the All-Knowing has blessed mankind with a very special gift:  the memory of inherited genes to be drawn upon in time of dire need.  THAT TIME HAS COME.
CHILDREN OF ISLAM!  LISTEN carefully to the Caliph’s message.  The future must see the complete UNITY of all Mahommedans without exception, and they must speak with only ONE VOICE, as to be heard clearly by the United-Nations for the reversal of aggression against the Children of Islam.  The voice of UNITY must remain strong without wavering until JUSTICE prevails.  Only then can the Children of Islam walk hand-in hand with their Christian brothers and sisters under the illuminated guidance of an incorruptible Sheikh-ul-Islam in the name of the still present Ottoman Caliphate, to protect the Children of Allah from bitterness, resentment or revenge.
CHILDREN OF ISLAM!  It is your sacred duty to come to the defense of the very Soul of Islam and to defend the lands granted by Allah the Most Gracious.
May we humbly pray to Allah The Merciful for His Forgiveness.